Forest Valuation

Forme Consulting Group has over 30 years’ experience in valuing plantation forests in New Zealand ranging in scale from large corporate estates in excess of 5,000ha through to small forest woodlots down to 2ha.

Forest owners, managers and auditors use Forme because we are independent, and not involved in the harvest and marketing of logs, allowing us to provide professional advice with no conflict of interests.

We offer three types of valuation service depending on the size of the forest, and the forest valuation’s intended purpose.

1) Forest Appraisal – a quick and simple woodlot appraisal intended for forest value update only.

2) Desktop Forest Valuation – intended for high level due diligence on a sale and purchase, insurance purposes of a woodlot or where further information is required for the potential seller or purchaser.

3) Full Forest Valuation – A full forest valuation report completed to NZIF Valuation Standards for when more detailed information on the forest is required for final due diligence purposes, sale and purchase purposes, financial reporting purposes or bank lending purposes.

We are also regularly engaged to peer review other forest valuation reports for compliance and auditing purposes.

Our exposure across the entire forest value chain allows us to maintain an up to date database of operational costs and log prices required for robust valuation reporting. This includes conducting our own quarterly national log price survey which is utilised for all our valuation services. We also have forest growth and estate modelling capability, GIS mapping, terrain modelling, and advanced statistical modelling to analyse risk and uncertainty and can incorporate these into our valuations depending on the level of valuation service required.

All our valuations are peer reviewed internally and we voluntarily undertake external reviews on a sample of our valuation reports throughout the year.

For more information or general inquiry contact – Paul McCreedy 027 448 0547; or Kevin Reardon 027 430 1736.