About us

We work throughout every facet of the forest industry value chain, providing advice and services to small forest owners, corporate forest companies, Iwi, local and government agencies.

We pride ourselves in providing independent, knowledgeable and practical advice to our clients with client confidentiality one of our core values.

Forme Consulting Group Ltd is one of New Zealand’s most respected independent forest consultancy firms, having operated within the New Zealand forest and wood processing environments since 1987.

Our team of highly experienced registered forest consultants provide specialist advice and services at all levels of the forest and processing sectors – effectively, we operate from the bush to the boardroom.

Forme is one of the last, truly independent forest consultancy firms in New Zealand. We are not operationally involved in the harvesting and marketing of forests or logs or in the general management of forests, other than advisory roles.  We do NOT trade logs or lumber.

This independence, alongside our expertise and credibility places Forme in a unique position within New Zealand to offer distinct advantages to all our clients.