Forme Consulting Group has experience in all areas of forest consultancy. Some of our services include:

Forest Sales Assistance

Forme Consulting Group Ltd are often engaged by clients to assist in the sale of their forest crop.

Bio-energy Projects

Forme have extensive experience in wood products manufacturing and we understand capital development related to energy generation.

Sea Port Services

Forme regularly consults to many of New Zealand’s sea ports in areas of wood availability forecasts, debarking and methyl bromide studies and logistics.

Forest Valuation

From 2 hectares to 40,000 hectares, there is no forest or woodlot our range of forest valuation services cannot cover.

Feasibility Studies

Forme has been undertaking afforestation feasibility analysis across the New Zealand landscape for over 30 years.

ETS Administration

Confused by VER’s, FMA’s and NZU’s or simply lack the time to fully understand your ETS requirements and opportunities?

Woodlot Forestry

During the growth cycle of a forest, a number of important decisions need to be made. These decisions will affect the management of the forest and, ultimately, the successful marketing of the produce.

Carbon Trading

Forme is accredited with both of New Zealand’s major carbon trading platforms – Carbon Match and OMF Carbon.