John Schrider

Consultant (NZ For. Rangers Cert, B.Bus, Dip. Bus (Dispute Resolution),FNZIF)

John co-founded Forme Consulting Group in 1987. John has a wealth of knowledge of the forestry industry, in which he has worked since 1969.

His eighteen-year career with the Forest Service followed a different route than most. He began in a range of in-charge positions and moved to specialise in industrial engineering and training. When the Forest Service was corporatised in 1987, John was a Senior Forest Ranger in the head office.

John has been instrumental in developing Forme Consulting Group’s audit and review processes. He also has practical experience of every service that the company offers, working on both general and specialised client projects.

John considers that continuing professional development is critical to maintaining the highest delivery standards. He completed a BBS extramurally from Massey University in 1998 and a Diploma in Dispute Resolution, also at Massey in 2005.

He is also a strong supporter of the NZ Institute of Forestry’s Registered Forestry Consultant programme, which requires high ethical and moral standards as well as sound, up-to-date forestry knowledge. He has served lengthy terms as a NZIF Councillor and NZIF Registration Board Chair and this was recognised by the Institute with his appointment to ‘Fellow’ status in 2014. John has been a Registered Forestry Consultant since 1990.