Colm Dunne

Resource Forester (B.Sc. (Hons) in Land Management (Forestry))

Our temporary Irish import, Colm graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland in 2013 specializing in Land management.

Since then Colm has worked across a range of forestry activities in Ireland including land procurement for afforestation, plantation management, forest inventory, forest valuations, forest road construction, timber harvesting and sales to FSC standards whilst also holding a hands-on managerial role in a small woodchip supply chain which delivered 1000+ tons of woodchip annually to the biofuel industry in Ireland.

Colm brings to the team a holistic view towards forest and land management having studied and worked with a variety of different forest species for commercial and other uses. Since joining Forme he has worked on forest valuations, afforestation feasibility studies and wood low supply chain profiles.