With operational costs continuing to rise and an ever-volatile fuel price, pricing a block to harvest, prune or thin is a crucial factor in maximising the profit from forestry operations.

Informe is an annual publication which Forme publishes which monitors and tracks the escalation of costs for typical forestry equipment within the sector. Informe is useful for both contractors and managers and provides a benchmark for calculating the daily cost of multiple pieces of forestry equipment with the aim of determining a daily cost to run a forestry operation. Informe comes in three versions aimed at their respective parts of the industry:

  1. Harvesting – for harvest operations
  2. Forestry – for silviculture operations
  3. Engineering – for forest roading operations

Informe Harvesting has also been digitised in the form of a web application. To learn more about this contact us:

To view information about the latest 2021 Informe Publication, please click the appropriate link below:

Forest Owners:

INFORME Order (Forest Owners) 2021