Bio-energy Projects

The life cycle of a production forest usually culminates in huge quantities of wood waste material left behind as slash, log off-cuts and general wood ‘waste’. Much has been made of the need to solve some of the compliance and environmental issues associated with forestry waste and somehow turn these residues to revenues through bio-energy projects.

Forme have hands on experience to consult in forestry bio-energy projects, including;

  1. Economic and logistics analysis of the integration with wood fired heat and co-generation plants.
  2. Operations analysis to recover forest residue integrated with municipal waste to produce horticulture products.
  3. Harvesting and transport logistics hands on experience to optimise these in the residues supply chain during production and delivery.
  4. Feasibility studies pertaining to new and brownfields crop establishment, including crop diversity and rotation length options.
  5. ETS/carbon economic analysis and interface.

Forme have extensive experience in wood products manufacturing and we understand capital development related to energy generation.

To discuss further, contact Paul McCreedy 027 448 0547