The right decisions depend on having access to the right information at the right time. Forme has one of the forest industry's strongest and most credible national and international information and intelligence networks. We can provide you with reliable, accurate and professional market information that will bring real benefits to your business.

Our services include

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The Forme advantages:

Relevant information

We will work with you to develop information services that exactly meet your needs. You choose the type of information you wish to receive, and with your input we will develop it.

Proven experience

We have been providing information services for the past 26 years. Plus, we have in-house expertise in analysis and forecasting and in the development of economic models.

National and international intelligence

Forme has access to the most reliable national market intelligence. And through our associate consulting company - Wood Resources International, based in Seattle, USA - we have access to a worldwide network of international experts.

Support and education

We will provide all the support you and your people want, when and where you need it. We also provide in-house training seminars to ensure our clients are always up to date in this dynamic industry.

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