• Forest valuation and appraisals
  • Due diligence
  • Forest management plans
  • Forest estate oversight
  • Forest inventory and assessment
  • Advanced forest growth yield modeling
  • Woodflow modelling
  • Woodlot Forestry advice
  • Harvesting and Sale Options
We work Internationally . Our staff have extensive experience in forestry in a wide range of species in all regions of New Zealand and related best management practices. Our knowledge and capability extends from the boardroom to the bush. We have a track record of successfully forming and leading skilled teams to carry out large projects.

Our general forestry services


Forme Consulting Group has over 26 years experience in valuing plantation forests and large forest estates within New Zealand. We can conduct independent valuations for sale and purchase, insurance, asset reporting divestment and for financial reporting purposes. We use advanced statistical modeling tools to analyse risk and uncertainty with forest valuations.

We conduct all valuations in accordance with the New Zealand Institute of Forestry Forest Valuation Standard. We can also provide independent audits and reviews of forest valuations.

Our valuations use our comprehensive in-house databases of forestry establishment, development and supply chain costs, as well as our quarterly survey of log prices .

Our valuations are accepted by major banks and financiers for funding forest acquisitions.

Due diligence

Forme staff know New Zealand forests better than anyone - we have either visited them, inspected them, audited them or worked on them. We can conduct independent, experienced due diligence on your forest.

Woodlot Forestry

During the growth cycle of a forest, a number of important decisions need to be made. These decisions will affect the management of the forest and, ultimately, the successful marketing of the produce. So it's vital that forest owners have comprehensive and current information about the forest at all times, so they can have a full understanding of the nature and quality of their investment.

We can provide you with accurate and up to date data that's essential for the continued good management of your forest - and the delivery of the best possible return.

Accurate, timely data on your forest will help you with:

  • Evaluating options for harvest and sale to maximise returns
  • Independent overview of harvesting and value recovery
  • Scheduling tending operations
  • Ascertaining forest value for insurance purposes
  • Determining forest value for forest sale or purchase, security purposes or compensation for loss etc
  • Determining future yields for planning purposes

Feasibility Studies

Independent analysis of plantation establishment feasibility and highest and best land use.

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