Improving business performance

Successful forestry businesses know they need to continually improve their processes and the effectiveness of their management - to meet stricter reporting requirements and to satisfy increasing customer demand.

An independent audit or review can identify opportunities to improve your business performance. Forme Consulting Group's qualified and experienced personnel have conducted audits and reviews for more than thirty clients, ranging from corporate multi-nationals to smaller government forestry organisations.

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Our Audits and Reviews:

Productivity Improvement

To improve productivity, your business needs to use all its resources - including its people - as efficiently and effectively as possible.

A Forme Productivity Improvement audit will identify improvement opportunities for your business and develop a realistic action plans to reduce costs, reduce waste, improve output and increase competitiveness - now and in the long term. You can choose to implement the action plans in-house, or we can manage the implementation for you.

Our productivity improvement people have formal qualifications in both forestry and Industrial Engineering.

Management Effectiveness

A Forme Management Effectiveness audit or review can provide assurance that your forests are being managed to maximise returns and to meet owner and stakeholder objectives.

Forme has undertaken forest management assurance audits and reviews of forest management practice since 1988.

We audit management systems to ensure that planning and record keeping activities are consistent with our clients' objectives and legal responsibilities.

We also audit forest operations to ensure that outcomes are as planned and that they comply with relevant codes of practice and legal requirements.

If a client's forest is managed by a contractor, we can also audit their performance.

The Forme advantages:

Highly qualified and experienced people

Forme auditors are fully trained in systems and operations auditing and have formal qualifications in auditing principles and practices. All auditors have formal qualifications in forestry, and key personnel are also qualified in industrial engineering.

Stringent processes

Our audits are conducted to a formal audit process, which uses recognised audit protocols.

Fully independent

Forme Consulting Group is fully independent - we undertake no trading activities in logs or forest product.

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